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20 Jahre

Viel. Mehr. Urlaub.


Kristijan Schellinger

Managing Director of sonnenklar.TV

"Working where others go on vacation." Personally this slogan was never enough for me. "Work there, where vacation arises ”, on the other hand, has always appealed to me. Bring catalogs to life, travel to dream destinations with the remote control and book them from the sofa at attractive prices: sonnenklar.TV, Germany's leading TV travel shopping channel, has been making it possible for 20 years. The company is characterized by 24-hour vacation offers by cable and satellite as well as on the Internet, expert advice and unconventional ideas. "

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Europe's largest travel broadcaster

24 hour vacation offers presented by real travel professionals. Expert advice and unconventional ideas via cable, satellite, Internet and many apps - this is what characterizes the world's leading TV travel broadcaster. In addition to the TV studios, there are more than 300 employees in the Munich FTI GROUP building and another 600 “colleagues” in the local sonnenklar.TV travel agencies.

Key figures

  • Average number of viewers per day = 2.08 million

  • A range of 42.1 million households (DACH) and on several broadcast windows

  • A homepage with 31.8 million page views per month

  • Over 288 sonnenklar.TV travel agencies

  • Price comparison over 100 tour operators online

  • 81% of the population know the sonnenklar.TV brand.

  • 16 million Germans have already visited our website

  • 55% of our sonnenklar.TV customers visit our website daily or at least once a week

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Authentic & trustworthy

Studio guests from different areas support the hosts when presenting the trips. These travel experts are often in travel agencies, tourist offices or in the hotel industry active. Holidaymakers also have their say on sonnenklar.TV and report on their most beautiful weeks of the year. Eight vacation destinations are presented every hour. The program can be received on our own channel 24 hours a day via cable and satellite and is also offered as a live stream on the Internet.

What product worlds does sonnenklar.TV stand for?

Our program is based on 5 points. In the middle as an anchor is the overarching topic: X-Sales. The sale of package tours and cruises is our top priority. Round trips and pure hotel bookings complete our portfolio without neglecting the rental car market. We also offer pure flight tickets, camping, events and train tickets on our website, but these topics play a rather subordinate role.


How good is our image?

Percentages: 1 Very good - 6 Unsatisfactory

Source: Norstat August 2018 survey - representative


88% find the TV station "good" or "very good"

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