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Much. More. Friends.


"Travel & Vacation" - we are strong there!

Our social media team makes sure that our fans and followers are always up to date and brings our best trips and best offers online. Several hand-picked offers are published daily on Facebook, the most beautiful holiday inspirations are posted on Instagram and Pinterest and hotel videos, TV recordings and other videos about the holiday and sonnenklar.TV are uploaded to YouTube.


What is particularly popular with our fans makes it onto the social media program "socialklar.TV" (every Thursday, from 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm on sonnenklar.TV). Here, our social media experts respond to feedback from the community and also answer one or the other user question.


180,000 fans
avg. Reach per post: 30,000 users


34,000 subscribers

over 15,000 impressions per post

Price overview

Save up to 50% on other TV packages

  • Facebook post

  • Advertising campaign

  • Blog article

  • Instagram native post

  • Instagram Stories

  • Influencer campaign

€ 3,700

€ 2,000

€ 2,300

€ 600

€ 400

from € 7,500

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