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Radio show

Much. More. Entertainment.


The sonnenklar.TV travel magazine

Every Saturday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., sonnenklar.TV LIVE presents a destination, region or a special topic that is important to you in a 2-hour broadcast. This program is a mix of information, expert opinions and competitions. Informative and entertaining! Another chance for a prominent placement of your products.

Radio station:
Radio Schlagerpardies

REAL RANGE: 120,000 listeners an hour

Just listen!


Radio has a reach of 74.8%!

According to the representative study "ma 2020 Audio", the reach of the radio medium in Germany in 2020 will be 74.8 percent. The range for women was slightly higher than for men. According to age group, the radio had the greatest reach among those over 50 with 79.3 percent.

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