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Your hotel on TV!

sonnenklar.TV presents many different trips every day, including one or the other offer of the week, or our popular offer of the day. These TV presentations are specially packaged and prominently placed within our broadcasting range. Of course, depending on their success, these products can also run a lot longer than others and thus offer an incredible TV presence

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Price overview

In addition to the TV broadcasting time, the product is also placed online and receives a very prominent address, depending on the package, trailer placement and social media contributions are included

  • offer of the day

  • offer of the week

  • Product special

  • Topic special

  • Next exit vacation

€ 17,556

€ 68,380

from € 1,933

€ 105,000

€ 54,550

offer of the day

Behind the special "Offer of the day" is our best daily offer. A moderator will present your hotel or facility several times a day. Perfect to generate a lot of attention within 2 days.

Continuous logo integration, patronage, invitation of a guest if desired

Day 1: 5 broadcasts each 3.5 min

Day 2: 5 broadcasts of 8 minutes each

€ 17.556

offer of the week

Behind the special "Offer of the Week" is our best weekly offer. A moderator presents your hotel or facility several times a day. Perfect for generating extreme attention within 11 days.

Continuous logo integration, patronage, invitation of a guest if desired

Daily: 11 X 8min.

€ 68.380

Product special

Here your product will be presented 3 times on one day, of course with logo integration and direct addressing of the host.

An inexpensive entry into the teleshopping travel world. (Minimum purchase: 3 product specials)

Continuous logo integration during product presentations, patronage, invitation of a guest, if desired.

1 day: 3 X 6 min.

€ 1.933

Topic special

Would you like to lend the station your brand over a longer period of time? Show your logo on television every day on a studio wall specially made for you. Cross-product, either as a destination special or as an airline special ... Your ideas are very welcome. (Minimum purchase: 9 days)

€ 105.000

TV: Continuous logo integration in the presentations from the branded set, patronage, 3 x 30-second trailers per day, invitation of a guest if desired.
Broadcasts: 3 X 6 minutes daily

Online: carousel teaser on the start page, landing page, newsletter integration with logo, 2 x Facebook post

Next exit vacation

Our individual arrival special "Next exit vacation" is very popular with our viewers. Customers are specifically addressed here who are traveling on vacation in their own car.

Cross-media strategy: Continuous logo integration during the TV presentation, patronage, Facebook post, teaser on the HP, invitation of a guest if desired.

Airtime: MON - WED & THU - SA At least once a day

€ 58.150

Kunath & CO. Holidayshow


The Saturday Night Show! Jan accompanies our TV viewers through the evening together with guests on the topics of travel and pop music. As with our cooking show, you can be part of the program with your brand, either as a guest or as a sponsor with clips before, after and during the broadcast.

GUEST PERFORMANCE with logo display and interview within the program at prime time!

€ 3,900 net
tv magazin3.jpg

Total media value of the marketing

€ 492,894 - € 961,253

"Holidays for Everyone" multichannel campaign

Have you always wanted to be part of a real, Germany-wide campaign? Print, travel agencies, TV, social media, online and radio ... real 360 degree communication.

Inclusive services

  • A print advertisement in TV magazines, weekly newspapers and the "kaufaktuell "(circulation: 20.3 million weekly)

  • Travel agency: product steles and travel agency notice

  • TV: Daily special at 7:15 pm
    (Running time 7 days!)

  • Online: Teaser on the homepage

  • Newsletter: Integration in the standard newsletter on Thursday

  • Radio: 6 X 22 seconds radio spot, 7 days on 16 radio stations

  • Social Media: Facebook Post

1/2 ad format without RTV

1/1 ad format without RTV

1/2 advertisement format including RTV

1/1 ad format including RTV

€ 25.000

€ 50.000

€ 30.000

€ 60.000

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