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Much. More. Live.

On the go for you worldwide

Our numerous and prominent external reporters such as Harry Wijnvoord or Ulli Potofski are live on site and scout out the desired hotspots in the holiday complex! In addition, the holiday checkers are often supported by the hotel managers during the tour. Whether beach, room, à la carte restaurant or wellness area - our holiday checkers show everything that defines your next holiday home. How do I control the vacation checker? Simply interactive!

During the tour, you can ask the UrlaubChecker directly via Facebook: What does the lobby look like? How far is it to the beach? How big are the beds in the rooms? Or, or, or! Our holiday checkers are on the road 365 days a year and wait for individual instructions to check our hotels. Missed the live broadcast? No problem! If you missed the live broadcast, you can, of course, watch the exciting holiday checker videos from the last two years in up to 60 minutes long reports on our YouTube channel at home or on the go!

Live Vor Ort
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Our reporters in the check

Malta: Antonija Geyer
Antonija has lived and worked in Malta for many years. She loves traveling, good food, wellness and sports.

Morocco: Mostafa Yones
Our experienced tour guide in Morocco and expert in excursions has more than 1001 answers to our viewers' questions!

Egypt: Astrid Stiefel & Andreas Diefenbach
Our Egypt emigrants have been living and working in the land of the pharaohs for years and have turned their hobby into a profession.

Canary Islands: Alexander Peekes
The dedicated tour guide, who is mainly on duty in Gran Canaria, brings the audience closer to the diversity of the Canary Islands.

Germany: Matthias Reimer
He is our own in-house travel expert who is always on site quickly!

Turkey: Hatice Özdemir
Our Turkey expert can be seen LIVE every day and reports directly from the hotels in Turkey.

World traveler: Harry Wijnvoord
Travel professional and expert for Cyprus.

World traveler: Ulli Potofski
Ulli is just everywhere!

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TV presence made easy!

Our moderators can not only speak well, they can also listen. Tell us your story. We tell them further ...

Our camera team will come to you. Speech concept and broadcast planning included! You and your brand are always the focus. Your website or your system can be shown in front of an audience of millions and at an amazingly low price.

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